Little Prexies Organization

Name Position Phone Email
Thomas Kelly Director 4129974106 [email protected]
Erin Moore President 7245543432 [email protected]
Tree Adkins Vice President 7242553981 [email protected]
Name Position Phone Email
Tree Adkins Head Coach K-2 7242553981 [email protected]
Brian Patton Asst. Coach K-2 7249863077 [email protected]
Jarrod Nemeth Asst. Coach K-2 7245310447 [email protected]
Eugene Woods Head Coach 3-4 4125376322 [email protected]
West Jones Asst. Coach 3-4 7249725979 [email protected]
Scott McAnallen Asst Coach 3-4 7243509951 [email protected]
Thomas Kelly Director 4129974106 [email protected]
Dave Oliver Asst. Coach 5-6 7246786595 [email protected]
Eddie Bainer Asst. Coach 5-6 7249933955 [email protected]
GL Riley Asst. Coach 5-6 7243281600 [email protected]
David Gatling Asst. Coach 5-6 7245540876 [email protected]
Name Position Phone Email
Tiffany Deems Head Coach 5-6 7243509458 [email protected]
Michelle Gaal Head Coach 3-4 4123547594 [email protected]
Laura McCartney Head Coach K-2 7242070334 [email protected]
Maya Wells Asst. Coach ALL 7244136234 [email protected]
Omyrah Davis Asst. Coach All 7244705208 [email protected]
Tara Gatling Cheer Advisor 4125800593 [email protected]

Washington Youth Football & Cheer Organization

Useful Websites

There are a few websites that you will need access to in order to get information about your team, your division, league and fields that we use.